Do You Need Inpatient or Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Whether you need Outpatient or Inpatient alcohol rehab is dependent upon the quantity of alcohol you drink, how long you've drank and how often. Someone who is high functioning and drinks nightly but goes to work on a daily basis as well as maintains other responsibilities would do well in an Outpatient program whereas another person who drinks around the clock and suffers moderate to serious withdrawal symptoms would need the more structured environment of an Inpatient program.

In addition, if you've tried Outpatient alcohol rehab or 12-step groups without long-term success, you stand a better chance of getting sober in an Inpatient alcohol rehab. Finally, if your job or home life is stressful and too many things require your attention for you to focus solely on recovering from your alcohol usage, 30 days Inpatient alcohol rehab may be just what you need to get a handle on your alcoholism or drug addiction once and for all.

SouthCoast Recovery provides 30, 60 and 90 day residential drug treatment programs.

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Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient alcohol rehab is the likely choice for someone who has too many responsibilities at work or home preventing a 30 day residential stay in alcohol rehab. It's also more suitable to individuals who are just beginning to see the signs of alcoholism rather than those who are in middle to late stage alcoholism.

Outpatient alcohol rehab allows people to keep their professional life operating while they balance out their personal life. It can be exactly what is needed to correct a slide into the later and unmanageable stages of alcoholism. Alcohol and drug counseling from qualified staff members help address underlying issues and triggers that may lead to alcohol or drug usage as well as help develop a relapse prevention plan. SouthCoast Recovery offers a comprehensive alcohol rehab program of individual and group therapy to address healing on the level of mind, body and spirit.

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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient alcohol rehab facilities differ according to each center and the basis of their program. Some centers are clinical and self-contained while others are set up more like a small campus. Still others offer residential homes with a central gathering place where treatment modalities are offered. In spite of the differences, inpatient alcohol rehab offers the basic similarities. Treatment typically involves 24 hour supervision with limited outside interaction. Inpatient alcohol rehab is very structured with educational modules, workshops, clinical therapy sessions, holistic treatments, 12-step meetings and group processing filling up the majority of each day. The primary focus is on the individual's recovery which generally requires a lot of emotional and psychological processing as well as healing on all levels. Visits from family and friends are generally limited to weekends or family & group therapy. Inpatient treatment generally lasts for 30 days although it can be extended depending upon the level of care needed.

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Inpatient or Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Deciding whether you need Outpatient or Inpatient Alcohol Rehab again comes down to the stage of alcohol abuse you are dealing with. Below are some factors to consider:

Outpatient allows individuals to continue a fairly normal routine of going to school or work while attending an Outpatient program, generally in the evening. You learn about the disease of alcoholism and how to arrest it through addressing underlying issues, identifying triggers and building a 12-step recovery network into your normal routine.

Outpatient is ideal for self-motivated and disciplined individuals who are just beginning to struggle with the consequences of drinking too much and too often. In layman's terms, high-functioning alcoholics who still manage a lot of responsibility in their daily life and don't yet suffer severe withdrawal symptoms are ideal candidates for Outpatient.

Inpatient offers a safe, structured environment free from outside distractions and temptations so you can focus solely on getting sober, regaining your health and working through emotional, physical and spiritual maladies that are contributing to your drinking.

Inpatient offers a solid foundation on the road to recovery. Complete immersion with qualified therapists, counselors, skilled holistic practitioners and peers who are struggling with the same issues provides a continual supportive environment to concentrate solely on sobriety.

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How do I know if I need Inpatient Alcohol Rehab?

The benefit of Inpatient alcohol rehab over a hospital detox or Outpatient program is incomparable. Inpatient alcohol rehab is most beneficial to individuals who have struggled repeatedly with alcoholism or drug addiction and have been unable to put together any length of sober time. It offers the opportunity to step out of the normal routine of life and allow enough time for sobriety to take hold in a safe, structured environment where the sole focus is on healing from years of alcohol or drug abuse. Interaction is generally restricted to others in the drug rehab facility as well as others in the 12-step community who support the recovery process.

Inpatient alcohol rehab allows an individual to step outside of their usual routine and let someone else make decisions while they focus on making the changes necessary for living a sober life. 30 days is barely enough time to turn one's life around, but a good, effective inpatient drug rehab program can help someone build a solid enough foundation for a successful recovery. There's no distraction of the normal routine involving work pressures and relationships with family and friends. All too often, it is precisely these areas that the individual struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction needs to learn how to handle in a more healthy manner.

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Alcohol Rehab at SouthCoast Recovery

SouthCoast Recovery offers Outpatient and Inpatient alcohol rehab in the beautiful harbor town of Dana Point, California. We have eight comfortable, residential homes just miles from some of the best beaches in Orange County. This tranquil environment is ideal for stepping into the healing environment of recovery. At our state-of-the-art Holistic Wellness Center, we offer individual clinical therapy, drug and alcohol counseling and holistic treatments to compliment your overall healing process.

Call us at 1-866-847-4506 – professional assistance is available 24/7.

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