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Drug Rehab Clinic

Written on: May 18th, 2009 By:

Drug Rehab Clinic

When people hear the term drug rehab clinic, they likely think of a hospital-style atmosphere that is sterile and staffed with people in white coats. There are alternatives to drug rehab clinics. SouthCoast Recovery in Dana Point, California, offers eight residential homes that are professionally staffed and supervised.

Drug rehab clinics may seem more professional because of their medical association, but SouthCoast Recovery also has medical personnel on staff without the sterile environment. We offer a warm and inviting holistic Wellness Center that combines medical, clinical and holistic therapies all under the same roof. We offer some of the most highly trained personnel in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. The disease of addiction is complicated to treat and requires a comprehensive approach. Whereas most drug rehab clinics employ a medical approach, this is just one small part in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. Offering a variety of options that include clinical therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, acupuncture, detoxification massage and education on the disease model of addiction provides a more comprehensive and individual approach to drug and alcohol treatment.

SouthCoast Recovery is not a drug rehab clinic – it’s a warm, inviting environment with professional staff members that are more likely to greet you with a hug than a handshake. Our holistic practitioners, clinical therapists and medical personnel will sit down with you on an individual basis to design a drug and alcohol treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals. A drug rehab clinic may be a good place to start to get the information you need, but it will likely not offer you the individual care you need to ensure long-term success in sobriety. SouthCoast Recovery offers 30, 60, 90 day and 6-month residential drug and alcohol treatment that addresses mind, body and spirit well-being on multiple levels. For more information, contact the professionals at SouthCoast Recovery today.


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