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Drug Rehab for Young Adults

Written on: June 29th, 2009 By:

Drug Rehab for Young Adults

Studies show that the heaviest drinking and drug experimentation is conducted by people in their teens to mid-twenties, not only in the United States but all over the world. Binge-drinking especially tends to be prevalent and its believed that one in five young adults could pass a clinical test for alcoholism and drug addiction at this age. Fortunately, many outgrow this stage and quit abusing drugs and alcohol on their own. For those that don’t or find they can’t, it may be time to consider drug rehab for young adults.

Drug rehab for young adults is the last place most young adults ever thought they’d be or want to be, especially with the spring break-style parties happening every weekend. Yet statistically over 100,000 young adults ages 18-25 end up in drug rehab every year and that number is growing. While many will resist getting help because they think they are too young to be in the stages of alcoholism and drug addiction, the truth is that the sooner they receive professional help at drug rehab, the better.

This is a difficult time in life to be side-tracked by alcoholism or drug addiction. The period of time during high school and college is one of self-discovery and self-development. Psychologists refer to three key areas of development during this time, including separation from parents, discovering one’s life purpose (career) and finding a mate. When addiction takes precedence, these three areas of development are often delayed until much later in life and may never be fulfilled at all. For this reason, it is vital that when choosing a drug rehab for young adults there is more offered than a traditional drug rehab format. For example, many drug rehab facilities are based around the 12-step program and while there may be some educational modules to support the disease model of addiction there are few workshops that illustrate the connection between the human mind, body and spirit. This innovative approach can be found at SouthCoast Recovery in Dana Point, California. Our team is on the cutting edge of new discoveries found in treating alcoholism and drug addiction. We incorporate workshops on values and goal-setting with holistic therapies of acupuncture, massage therapy, herbal remedies, meditation and yoga to strengthen the mind, body and spirit connection. In this way, young adults who may have damaged some of their developmental areas through alcoholism and drug addiction are provided the forum to discover who they are, what they want and discover what it will take for them to achieve it.

Alcoholism and drug addiction is merely symptomatic of underlying issues. SouthCoast Recovery offers a clinical therapist with 47 years experience in diagnosing and treating underlying issues associated with alcoholism and drug addiction. This could be family history, chemical imbalance, emotional issues, childhood or adult trauma or abuse, or a combination thereof. Treating young adults is different from treating children or older adults as it is a time of emotional fluctation and development. Events and circumstances that have been repressed may begin to come out sideways. Sexual abuse, divorce, victimization or any sort of traumatic experience may begin to surface in unhealthy behavior patterns. Alcohol and drug abuse may be a means to escape or numb emotions associated with these events. Professionals at a drug rehab for young adults have the training to address these sensitive issues and help remove existing barriers to recovery.

At SouthCoast Recovery, we offer 30, 60, 90 day and 6 month residential drug and alcohol treatment in the scenic harbor town of Dana Point, California. Our residential homes are gender-specific and co-ed. We use a social model approach as it’s been determined that young adults especially respond to role modeling and peer support in modifying behaviors. We offer more individual sessions than any other drug rehab facility in Orange County, including clinical therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, acupuncture and massage therapy. Our program format incorporates the finest clinical and holistic therapy within a 12-step model for overall well-being in mind, body and spirit. For more information on drug rehab for young adults, contact SouthCoast Recovery today.


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