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Drug Rehab Los Angeles

Written on: May 18th, 2009 By:

Drug Rehab Los Angeles

When considering drug rehab in Los Angeles, why not consider a tranquil setting along the beach away from all the chaos and congestion? SouthCoast Recovery in Dana Point, California, is situated in a calm, harbor town that offers just the rest and relaxation you need following what is likely to be a long, hard struggle with drugs and alcohol.

Drug rehab in Los Angeles is like attempting to shoot a movie on I-405 at rush hour. You are trying to shut down in the middle of six-lanes of chaos with everything coming at you at once. In order to make the transition necessary to get sober, you need a calm and stress-free environment so you can get in touch with the voice within. While this may sound like “New Ageism” it is in fact a necessary part of getting sober and staying sober. In fact, it’s likely you haven’t heard that voice within for a very, very long time and that’s how drugs and alcohol became so attractive in the first place.

SouthCoast Recovery in Dana Point, California, offers just such an opportunity. We offer eight residential homes within footsteps of some of the best beaches in southern California. Just south of Laguna Beach, the art and surf culture that surrounds Dana Point makes for an ideal place to escape from the world. We have 30, 60, 90 day and 6 month drug and alcohol treatment programs to choose from as well as gender-specific housing.

Orange County attracts some of the most highly trained and skilled professionals in the recovery field. Our comprehensive treatment plan combines medical care, clinical therapy and the holistic processes of acupuncture and detoxification massage to encourage overall well-being. These treatments are all tailored to the individual based on a clinical evaluation given at check-in. Following clinical therapy sessions or holistic sessions of acupuncture and massage, there can be a therapeutic release of emotions. Unlike drug rehab in Los Angeles, our facilities offer beautiful surroundings to escape to and process through these emotions.

When considering drug rehab in Los Angeles, consider SouthCoast Recovery just a short drive south along the tranquil shores of Dana Point, California. Our 30, 60, 90 day or 6 month residential drug and alcohol treatment program may be exactly what you need to escape the chaos without, and within. Our skilled professionals will help you recover from alcoholism and drug addiction so you can return home refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the world again – sober. For more information, call today.


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