Drug Rehab and the Benefits of Oriental Herbal Medicine

More drug rehabs are embracing the benefits of Oriental herbal medicine than ever. While traditional Oriental medicine has been around for over 2,000 years, it's only been within the past 10 years that western culture has begun to embrace the healing effects of Oriental medicine in addition to western medicine. Oriental medicine consists of holistic therapies such as acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage and meditation. These healing therapies help relieve the body of harmful toxins and can also naturally ease the pain of withdrawal symptoms during drug rehab. Herbal remedies help treat ailments rather then mask symptoms or worse, create a new drug addiction for the patient. As more drug rehabs embrace the benefits of Oriental herbal medicine, clients seeking more comprehensive drug treatment plans for recovery will have better choices.

At SouthCoast Recovery, we are on the leading edge of a movement that considers Oriental herbal medicine as compatible rather than alternative to western medicine. We offer comprehensive, affordable and effective drug rehab treatment in Orange County, California.

What is Oriental Medicine?

Oriental medicine is a holistic health-care system which uses all natural remedies in order to prevent illness, diagnose and treat illness or simply maintain overall good health. Natural remedies included in oriental medicine include acupuncture, massage, meditation and homeopathy. At SouthCoast Recovery's drug rehab facility all of these natural remedies are available. Our licensed acupuncturist has a masters in Oriental medicine and can suggest herbal remedies to help assist in balancing the body during the withdrawal phase of drug rehab. Ear detoxification is offered in addition to personalized acupuncture treatments. Other holistic therapies during drug rehab include weekly detoxification massage and the practice of primordial sound meditation. Our clients are not diagnosed by textbook standard but rather on an individual basis, including an individual's internal and external symptoms, emotional state, skin appearance and personal history all play vital roles in the diagnosis of a patient.

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Oriental Herbal Medicine at SouthCoast

SouthCoast Recovery offers Oriental herbal remedies to clients on a need basis. Each client who elects for this type of treatment will be diagnosed by SouthCoast Recovery's holistic health practitioner who will then contribute this information to the individual's specialized treatment plan based on their initial evaluation. Holistic practitioners are well aware that standard alcohol and drug addiction programs cannot treat each person universally because every person has a unique constitution and reacts differently to therapies. Therefore, the individuality of each treatments is crucial. SouthCoast Recovery's success with Oriental herbal medicine in drug rehabilitation is due to the ideal combination of ancient herbal remedies with the most modern techniques and treatments of Western medicine. This combination leads to finding the root cause for an individual's addiction and the best method to overcome that addiction.

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The Benefits of Oriental Herbal Medicine at SouthCoast

At SouthCoast Recovery's drug rehab center, we understand that oriental herbal medicine must be diagnosed on an individual basis because each person seeking drug treatment is unique. Our holistic emphasis treats each individual on a mind, body and spirit basis with the goal of helping to support the body in naturally healing itself. Our comprehensive drug rehab program offers the most advanced holistic component available in Orange County. We combine Oriental herbal medicines with clinical therapy in order to address underlying psychosomatic problems which may be contributing to alcoholism or drug addiction. SouthCoast Recovery's drug rehab center offers the benefits of Oriental herbal medicine in a comprehensive treatment plan few drug rehab centers can match. We offer 24 hour care in a safe and supportive environment that maintains an open door policy, even after graduation from our drug rehab program

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