Detoxification Massage and Drug Rehab

For centuries, massage has been an effective way to relieve daily stress as well as rid the body of harmful toxins. Massage uses pressure along energy canals coupled with the rhythmic kneading of certain muscles to help release natural mood-enhancing chemicals while detoxing the body of harmful substances. More and more drug rehab centers are adding the therapeutic benefit of detoxification massage. At SouthCoast Recovery's drug rehab center, skilled holistic therapists use massage therapy as a way to help clients recover from drug addiction. Following initial detox, the body still experiences mild withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety and stress may be present as well as aches that may be a result of withdrawal or injuries that were not attended to while using alcohol or drugs. Alternative therapies such as massage allow clients to release stress and relax in a healthy manner. Detoxification massage has proven to be an effective method during drug rehabilitation at many drug rehab facilities, including SouthCoast Recovery.

How massage helps during Drug Rehab

The human body has 12 main energy channels. These energy channels are the same channels acupuncturists use while treating their patients. Masseuses are able to unblock energy dysfunction by massaging along these channels. This helps to relax clients as well as relieve internal stress that may be creating stress or anxiety. This internal stress is often a large factor in contributing to drug addiction. The use of massage during drug rehab helps to relieve stress and thereby also reduces a major factor that contributes to an individual's desire to use drugs.

Addiction occurs when the body becomes reliant upon drugs and experiences withdrawal symptoms in the absence of them. These foreign chemicals interfere with and deteriorate normal body functions as well as mask existing symptoms. Drug rehab physically detoxes the patient from these harmful chemicals with as little discomfort as possible. In the absence of medically supervised detox, an individual may experience symptoms that range from headaches and nausea to vomiting, seizures and disorientation. Medically supervised detox is highly recommended.

As the body continues to detox, individuals may continue to experience mild symptoms such as headache, depression and anxiety. During drug rehab, massage helps encourage the detoxification process by gently easing toxins out of the body as well as release endorphins, the body's natural mood elevator and pain killer. Release of toxins leads to a healthier body and mental state.

During drug rehab, massage is used to help heal these symptoms and even avoid them altogether as massage is related to psychosomatics. The body and the mind are inextricably linked. Behavior therapy may be successful alone yet the therapist is only treating the mind. Likewise, an addict can go to a massage therapist, yet he or she will not get sober merely by receiving a massage. Healing the mind and body will inevitably lead to a much stronger and faster recovery than focusing on the mind or body separately

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SouthCoast Recovery offers detoxification massage therapy as a holistic component of every person's individual drug treatment plan. Clients meet with our holistic practitioners to discuss alcohol or drug history, personal ailments and any mood disorders such as anxiety or depression. A treatment plan is then designed along with the clinical team in order to ensure every person receives treatment tailored to his or her own personal needs and goals during drug rehab.

Detoxification massage therapy at SouthCoast Recovery is combined with acupuncture, herbal remedies and meditation to ensure a thorough release of toxins while easing the body through the initial withdrawal process. Detoxification massage at SouthCoast Recovery is just one example of blending eastern and western medicine. With professional caring staff and 24 hour care, clients at SouthCoast Recovery's drug rehab center receive the most advanced therapies available for relaxation and detoxification. These are just a few of the reasons why SouthCoast Recovery is the leading drug rehab center in Orange County.

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