The Cost of Drug Rehab

Many people may really need and want to go to drug rehab but don't think they can afford it. It's important to keep in mind there are a variety of options available when considering drug rehab centers, and invariably cost will determine what treatment methods are available. Most drug rehab centers are private, some are state-funded and others are operated in the sterile atmosphere of a hospital. Some insurance plans will cover drug rehab but ultimately it's up to the individual entering treatment to decide what fits his or her needs best.

Why Drug Rehab Costs Vary

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. There are state-funded centers with eight bunk-beds to a room and there are exclusive drug rehabs that cost a year's salary to stay in for 30 days. However, having your own personal villa and chef during drug rehab doesn't mean the drug treatment will be any more effective than a drug rehab center that is a third of the cost. Higher end drug rehabs have much higher overhead and need to charge more to cover their costs. A more luxurious stay at a spa-like facility doesn't guarantee success in sobriety. When all is said and done, it's still a drug rehab facility and the goal is to help you move through your alcoholism and drug addiction into long-term sobriety.

SouthCoast Recovery offers the same exclusive components you would find at a luxury drug rehab facility at a fraction of the cost. We have eight residential homes in the scenic oceanside community of Dana Point, California. Our state-of-the-art Holistic Wellness Center offers one-on-one clinical therapy, drug & alcohol counseling, innovative workshops, advanced holistic therapies in massage, acupuncture and meditation all tailored into a personalized treatment plan for you. In addition we have an on-staff chef and encourage the benefits of daily physical exercise with a complimentary pass to the local fitness center. We are the leading drug rehab center in Orange County, California.

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Not going to Drug Rehab Costs More

Many people think they can get out of their drug addiction alone. They try to stop drinking or taking drugs without changing anything else. They may be successful for a while, but when they resume their drug addiction it's likely that the slide toward bottom will be greater, possibly ending up in jail time, poor health, lost relationships or missed opportunities. Eventually, not treating alcoholism or drug addiction costs significantly more. Going into drug rehab removes people from the familiar people, places and things that can trigger them to drink or use. A drug rehab offers a safe environment and medically safe detox from alcohol or drugs. Once the body is stabilized, true physical, emotional and spiritual healing can begin.

A tranquil environment offers the opportunity to step out of the normal and often stressful routine of life. SouthCoast Recovery offers eight residential homes in the scenic oceanside community of Dana Point, California. The local dress code consists of blue jeans, board shorts and flip-flops. 12-step meetings meet at the Harbor or at evening bonfires along local beaches. Nutritious meals are provided and personalized treatment plans include massage, acupuncture and meditation. Everything is geared toward creating a relaxing and stress-free environment while you recover from alcoholism and drug addiction.

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SouthCoast Recovery offers Affordable Drug Rehab

SouthCoast Recovery offers the same exclusive components as celebrity drug rehabs at a fraction of the price. Our highly qualified staff has over 100 years combined experience treating alcoholism and drug addiction. SouthCoast Recovery's drug rehab center incorporates an overall healing model of mind, body and spirit with personalized clinical therapy, advanced holistic healing techniques, innovative workshops and peer support so each individual can work through emotional issues in a healing, therapeutic environment. Professional assistance is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions that you may have about our affordable and effective drug rehab program.

Call us at 1-866-847-4506 – professional assistance is available 24/7.

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