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Alcoholism and addiction is a family disease. It’s estimated that for every person afflicted by substance abuse, seven more are directly affected. From the very dynamic that surrounds alcoholism and addiction springs a host of other behavioral patterns, including codependency, shame, guilt and enabling. Family members may not even be aware of these behavioral patterns until a loved one enters treatment.

SouthCoast Recovery offers Family Group for loved ones to help shed light and understanding on the disease of alcoholism and addiction. We allow our Red-level clients to leave the supportive structure of our Holistic Wellness Center on a temporary pass with family members who have attended Family Group, offered by one of our licensed therapists on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 12 noon

Family members often misunderstand the nature of alcoholism and drug addiction and tip-toe around it even as the circumstances surrounding it become unbearable. Parents, children, wives or husbands may all deny that the problem exists while secretly wondering what they could do differently or “better” to help save the person they love from continuing to drink or drug to excess.

Addiction is a disease that generates certain coping mechanisms within the family unit in order for the family to continue functioning as a whole. Attention on the family member who is ill or addicted may result in walking on eggshells, avoiding conversations that could generate conflict and in general creating an atmosphere that allows an alcoholic to continue drinking or an addict to continue using. These patterns all need to be brought to conscious awareness so change can begin.

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SouthCoast Recovery covers topics in Family Group such as:

Principles of Family Recovery

A. Definitions of Codependency/Addiction
B. Components of Codependency
C. Multi-generaional Component
D. Boundaries/Letting go

I. Family Lecture (Week I)

A. Codependency and Addiction – Characteristics
1. Definition of Addiction/Codependency
2. Stages of Addiction
3. Stages of Codependency
4. Addiction/Codependency and the Brain

II. Family Lecture (Week II)

B. Components of Codependency
1. Definition of Addiction/Codependency
2. Removing Guilt & Shames
3. Enabling Behaviors
4. Obsessive-Compulsive Thought Cycle
5. Changing Behaviors

III. Family Lecture (Week III)

C. Multi-generational Component
1. Definition of addiction/Codependency
2. Family Roles
3. Feelings in Families
4. Psycho-Social Stages & Growth
5. Your New Role

IV. Family Lecture (Week IV)
D. Boundaries/Letting Go
1. Definition of Addiction/Codependency
2. External Boundaries
3. Internal Boundaries
4. How to Know When Your Boundary Gets Busted
5. How to Set a Boundary/Communication
6. Grief – Stages of Grief

SouthCoast Recovery, we believe involving family members in a loved one’s recovery is a vital part of the transformation process. Change doesn’t have to be frightening. The work required won’t always be easy but we hope that taking the time to develop a healthy, functional relationship will ultimately be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Family Group, Family Group Therapy, Alcohol Addiction, Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Addiction, Drug Addiction Treatment, Drug Abuse, Drug Rehab, Alcohol Rehab, Drug and Alcohol Rehab


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