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Alternative Sentencing Is an Option

Coming to SouthCoast Recovery can help get drug crime charges reduced or even dismissed.

A drug crime conviction can lead to harsh legal sentencing and will complicate your ability to work, go to school and find housing if charges appear on your criminal record.

We can help where many programs fall short. We have relationships with local judges and can provide competent attorney referrals. We can work with you to present the judge with a range of alternatives to imprisonment, allowing the you to begin rebuilding your new, sobriety-based life as soon as possible.

At SouthCoast Recovery, it’s about living.

We CAN help… CALL NOW.


You may avoid jail completely with alternative sentencing.

When a judge is considering sentencing for drug-related charges, there may be an opportunity to enter recovery rather than prison. Participation in a drug court program or proposition 36 diversion may be options. We are qualified to work with offenders sentenced under PC 1000 or PC 1210. Each of these options, allowing the offender to stay out of jail, becomes a greater possibility with commitment to enter SouthCoast Recovery.

Our Unique Program Works

It takes courage, guidance and structure to become clean and sober. Our world-class clinical staff offers daily individual attention to get to the heart of the problem, deal with the wreckage and build the framework for a new sobriety-based life.

We offer affordable, effective rehabilitation on the cutting-edge. We blend clinical and holistic methods to renew mind, body and spirit while restoring relationships, goals and purpose. This prepares our clients for long-term sobriety, allowing our program to excel where others fail. It’s about living… CALL NOW.



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