California's Best Drug Rehab

Thousands of people come to southern California every year hoping to fulfill their needs and goals. Why not you? There’s no better place to take 30,60, 90 days or 6 months and heal your mind, body and spirit from the trauma of alcohol or drug abuse. Serenity is everywhere you look in southern California. At SouthCoast Recovery, we’ll help you find it within you.

California has always had a reputation for innovation and trend-setting based on a willingness to go beyond conventional methods. This holds true in the field of alcohol and drug treatment as well. California offers a variety of drug treatment options ranging from 12-step methodology to holistic treatment to Christian and other faith-based tracks. Nowhere in California is there a better opportunity for alcohol treatment and drug rehab than in Orange County.

The Orange County area has become a mecca for alcohol treatment and drug rehab in California. With year round sunshine, local art culture, world-class surf and over 1,000 12-step meetings a week, the south Orange County area in particular encourages a “one-day-at-a-time” atmosphere. This provides a draw for the highest trained professionals in the recovery field. SouthCoast Recovery is the leading drug rehab center in Orange County.

SouthCoast Recovery offers an affordable, effective and comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment program at a fraction of the cost. We specialize in holistic therapy and offer the finest clinical treatment available. Our on-staff psychologist has over 43 years in clinical therapy. Each individual receives a clinical evaluation to determine an underlying existence of dual diagnosis, also referred to as co-occurring disorders.

Recovering from addiction requires a complete transformation of mind, body and spirit. This is more easily accomplished in a calm environment that encourages serenity. Our alcohol treatment and drug rehab programs are based on a comprehensive social model that emphasizes learning through experience.

California's Leading Drug Rehab Centers

Getting sober can ultimately be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. At SouthCoast Recovery, we understand being in a California rehab isn’t something you’re likely to be happy about…yet. The work you’ll do here is not easy, but it’s worth it. During alcohol treatment or drug rehab here in California, 12-step meetings meet on the beach and at the Dana Point Harbor steps from the shore. It’s not unusual to find yourself sitting next to a Grammy-award winning singer or a local artist whose work is on display at a gallery down the street in Laguna Beach.

  • Our world-class staff truly cares about you as an individual and that’s why we personalize our program to your needs and goals. SouthCoast Recovery offers a variety of drug treatment options and specialized programs, including 30,60,90-days, 6-months, Aftercare and transitional living.

  • At SouthCoast Recovery, we offer a comprehensive treatment program like many drug rehabs in California. Our drug rehab program is about You. While genetic predisposition is a generally accepted basis for addiction, there may also be underlying causes contributing to your alcohol or drug addiction. Many struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction may also have mood disorders, such as depression or anxiety. This is referred to as dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. At our California drug rehab, we offer one-on-one clinical therapy, marriage & family therapy, drug & alcohol counseling and innovative, educational workshops in conjunction with advanced Eastern holistic methods, all within a 12-step recovery model.

    Only when the underlying issues are treated – not just the symptom – can recovery truly begin.

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    You've just found California's Best Drug Rehab

    SouthCoast Recovery is a warm, inviting place with residential homes in Dana Point, California, just minutes from world-renowned Laguna Beach. At SouthCoast Recovery we offer the same exclusive components you would find at other elite alcohol treatment or drug rehab centers for a fraction of the cost. We provide the finest clinical and medical care available with advanced holistic healing components within a supportive 12-step community.

    Our world-class staff has over 100 years combined experience treating alcohol and drug addiction. We have an on-staff clinical therapist with 44 years experience in dual diagnosis and all of our drug & alcohol counselors are accredited by CAADE, the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Educator's, a board created to uphold excellence in alcohol and drug studies.

  • We have an on-staff acupuncturist with a Masters in Oriental Medicine, a licensed holistic massage therapist and staff members trained in the Eastern tradition of primordial sound meditation. In addition, we have a gourmet chef on-staff to provide nutritionally sound meals that complement the body's innate healing process.
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    California's Best Drug Rehabs offer Holistic Components

    Eastern holistic therapies have been around for thousands of years. SouthCoast Recovery is on the leading edge of a movement that views holistic therapies as complimentary rather than alternative to clinical therapy in drug addiction treatment. Our holistic professionals meet with you to discuss any discomforts or maladies you may be having as a result of or in addition to withdrawal from alcohol or drug addiction. You meet with our acupuncturist and massage therapist weekly to review your wellness plan. Our holistic professionals work with our clinical therapists to determine the best overall care for you.

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    SouthCoast Recovery offers the Best Drug Rehab program in California

    Addiction is a 3-part disease of mind, body and spirit. Our alcohol and drug rehab program at SouthCoast Recovery offers a multi-disciplined approach to mind body and spirit renewal. Our experience has shown that the longer you can commit to an alcohol treatment or drug rehab program, the better chance of success you have in long-term sobriety. At SouthCoast Recovery, “We believe that recovering from alcohol or drug addiction is a process of transformation in all areas of life.”

    At SouthCoast Recovery, we will work with you to develop an Aftercare program following your drug rehab treatment that fits your needs. Now that you're sober, we want to help you stay sober.

    Call us at 1-866-847-4506 – professional assistance is available 24/7.

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